10:15pm 11-04-2009
Veronica Vazquez
Just saw the Believe photos you took. They are so amazing!!! They are all such great shots!
I haven't seen such great shots in a long time especially in Vegas!! You're Brilliant!!!
10:53pm 07-19-2009
Heju Jemison
Loved your J. Mraz and Red Rocks photos!!! Gorgeous work... are you photographing 9/18 at Red Rocks or maybe Charter One? We are looking to meet and greet at either concert. Hope you get to combine the RR and Mraz together...
9:44am 06-09-2009
So you don't have a
Your page is awesome. You should help me with mine when I need it :)
11:40am 06-01-2009
S.K.Paul from Picayo
Hi Fred: It was nice to meet you last saturady at the Wedding reception in my restaurant. I would Love to see some of the pictures. Hope to see you in Laguna again. Thanks S.K. Cell: 949-235-9250
11:28am 04-16-2009
Alaura Christine
Greetings Fred,
I have just enjoyed getting lost in your work!!! Being a photographer myself, I am very inspired!! I just started dabbling in concert photography and LOVE it.....
Thanks for the inspiration,
Alaura Christine
of AlauraChristinePhotography
7:20pm 03-10-2009
I never wrote in your time book
12:48pm 12-16-2008
nicole aguirre
12:24am 12-14-2008
Yo Fred. Amazing Bite pictures. I swear, if I had a dollar every time I saw somebody take as good of pictures as you do, I'd have a million dollars. But that's not the point. You rock man! Can't wait to see more.
Nicole says hi! She thinks the pictures of YOU are great. I told her to get her eyesight checked.
4:34pm 11-27-2008
hey how much would it be to have you take personal photos for me...??
please i want pro pics..
3:44pm 11-22-2008
hey please just tell me if your working on the bite pictures !!!!!!!!!!!
if not or u lost them that is ok
11:41am 11-16-2008
I am the michelle from the jason mraz concert!!
Put the pics up from the concertt!!!
Replied on: 3:14pm 11-20-2008

They are now online!

4:43pm 11-08-2008
please put up the bite of lv pictures up

thank you (:
3:40pm 11-05-2008
PLEASE HURRY UP WITH THE PICTURES FROM BITE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wats taking so long mann?
2:51pm 11-04-2008
Where is the photos ?
5:42pm 10-24-2008
When are you going to put up the photos of Bite of Vegas with Metro Station meeting the
contest winners? Please write back. -Ashley G.
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