1:57am 11-15-2007
i really like the bite pix! damn son your bad ass
5:39pm 11-14-2007
You do great work! I am sure we will be using you again for one of the Triple Threat Bashes soon!
4:28pm 11-02-2007
Merika S
I loved that I was looking though the Plain white tees pics and I saw a pic of me, that is awesome. Thanks for taking all of these for us!
8:32pm 10-23-2007
Can you tell me when you will have pictures from this years Bite of Las Vegas 2007? I've been telling everyone all about it, but I sorta forgot my camera and was hoping to send them here in order to see what we all saw! Please let me know, I'll be leaving town Thurs. for a much needed break, I work with Emotionally Disturbed/ Behavior/ Conduct Disorder H.S. kids and really need the break, but wanted to get pictures to friends out of state before I left town. =) Hopefully, well, I know you have to have some great shots, can't wait to see them!
Thanks for doing all you do, wanna trade jobs? haha! just kidding... sorta lol
9:16pm 10-22-2007
Your a talented mo' fo' aint cha? Thats why you were hiding all your goodies in the van....
11:42am 10-22-2007
Hi Fred....just checking in after getting your card at the BOLV event last Saturday. Thank you for taking your time and being so kind with my daughter when we were taking pics with Lifehouse. We traveled from Houston to see Lifehouse...and since they didn't get to perform because of weather...your pics of that meeting with them will be the highlight. Thanks again for being so sweet. Can't wait to see the pics.
3:24am 09-25-2007
like the pics and your band.....

any idea when the smashing pumpkins pics from the pearl will be up?
12:57am 08-25-2007
Hey bro, im glad to see that people are leaving more comments on here...not long before your a local legend..and once you get the right shot...or right contract.. everyone will know your to you later homie! Hows stuidostatic? You damn multi diverse bastard.
6:13pm 07-15-2007
angeles [pop]cKic
great pictures...amazinnnng.
and like
2:54pm 07-07-2007
Sarah and Jessica
Heyyyy Fred! It's Sarah and Jessica from "Girls Day Out". Just stoppin' by lookin' at all your pictures and they're amazing! We need to keep in touch in case I need to use your incredible talent for anything :) Party with ya later!
7:32pm 06-11-2007
i looked through your photo album. i think i like your concert pictures best. you should email me the wedding you did or put it on your website. i am always interested in wedding photography.
5:15pm 05-13-2007
WOW.. these pics are great.. i was at like 5 of these concerts.. so yea umm great job you kick ass... keep on keepin on...
4:40am 05-10-2007
Cody Hancock
Great pics man!I'm in one of the one's from Extreme Thing.Keep up the good work!
10:09am 04-04-2007
Hi... These pics are great. I work at and saw your website and thought I would check it out. I really enjoyed browsing through all your shots you have done a wonderful job.

9:58am 04-03-2007
Wow! Everyone at Mix kept telling me how talented you were, but I wasn't expecting what I saw on the website. Talented is an understatment. I'm very impressed and look forward to seeing you at more events.
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