3:47pm 05-13-2011
Lizette Najera
Fred, you have come a long way, its been more than 4 years since I've seen you, your work is very inspiring, keep it up, can't wait to see what the future brings for you, I'm so proud of you! Much Love
9:12pm 04-25-2011
Brandon Turner
Man, your work is great! I really like it all! You have the eye! Keep up the great work! I'll stop by on the weekly to see what's new~!

Brandon Turner -
6:42pm 01-31-2011
John M. Paton
Very nice work.
6:53am 10-09-2010
hey i hope u will put more picture of ronnie radke because he is the best singer in the world and i hope u will put more escape the fate pictures because they are from the best band in the world thank you so much :)
2:33pm 10-06-2010
Courtney smith
Hello im courtney.
i have seen the work you do and wanted to see if we could shoot sometime.
just contact me.!/profile.php?id=100001014801492
3:03pm 09-22-2010
mau BLACK RosE DriVE
amaizing PHOTOS! we really cant wait till NXT WEEk lol
what you do is an incredible art! see you soon -BLaCK ROSE DriVE
7:16pm 09-18-2010
i hope you go to the upcoming all that remains concert with asking alexandria, unearth, and as she whispered :D
3:03am 09-17-2010
Ink Well
Much love for the great launch party last night! Your website is clean! Big fan of your pics!
10:06pm 09-16-2010
Congratulations on the rolling stone photo!! what a way to celebrate your debut! love you!!
8:38pm 09-16-2010
Fred, the new website is the bomb! Way to go man. Anybody who is anybody should have you as their photographer and friend. Thanks for all you do.
2:47pm 05-24-2010
how much is it for photoshoot?
4:06am 04-17-2010
how much do you charge for a photoshoot?
12:42am 04-09-2010
Sgt. Bernard peeolot
Dude you really are the shit, I want to see more pictures of the murder ballad I saw that you did extreme thing photos for them. You are an amazing photographer though don't stop what you're doin. word up, mob out
7:46am 01-15-2010
Love your photos, such amazing work, especially your concert shots. I hope you post the 1/9/10 Otherwise show from the Hard Rock Cafe SOON. Can't wait to see the newest awesome shots of the best local band in Vegas!!!
6:46am 01-13-2010
Just wanna say your work is amazing. =) I love photography and I look up to you..

Keep up the amazing work.. hope to see more from you Take Kare
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