9:12pm 10-21-2008
you did the pictures of the people with metro station right? :)
are they coming soooon?
4:47pm 10-21-2008
I was wondering of you had the pictures from bite with metro station.
10:33pm 09-29-2008
nicole aguirre
i miss fred face! i wanna hang out sooooonnnn!
1:04pm 09-09-2008
Were in gods name are the pictures from the fletch show?!! lol ur slackin
8:26am 09-07-2008
Hi Fred! I was wondering when you were going to post up the pics from the Staind concert? I can't wait to see them! thanks!
11:38pm 08-15-2008
Chris Wilbourn
yo fred it's wilbur from the tunnel! can you email me the link for the photo shoot we did? thanks man!
12:07am 07-28-2008
Hey When is the Colbie Cailat concert going to be posted? I am so Excited to see them.
3:08pm 07-08-2008
Shannon V
hey meet u on the 4th at Dannys house. those were some cool pix you took. i'm the one with the hawk. let me know what i need to do to get those pix. you can find me on myspace too Masterfreak. been cool till next time
12:29am 06-21-2008
hi i'm Destinee.
i love the pictures you make <3 destinee
message me sometime
10:45pm 04-13-2008
Hi Fred.
My name is Ashley and I am one of the owners of a modeling site for girls that is based out of Dallas, but I am now living back in Vegas and I was in search for a photographer here, and Chuck from Kid Deposit Triumph referred me to you!! If it seems like something that you would be interested in doing, let me know. Thanks! :)
here is my personal myspace:
and this is the modeling page:

8:53am 03-31-2008
Hey! This is the chick that you met at Extreme Thing, at the end of the night. I'm the one who's arm you signed, and took pictures of cause she was in love with your camera.
I was looking through your work, and I was truthfully stunned. Your shots are amazing and breathtaking. You have an amazing eye.. I'd love to shoot with you sometime. Your shots are simply incredible. I can't wait to look at the ones from this year, if you can, kick me an email when you've got them up.
Keep up the amazing work.
-Jessi [March 31, 2008, 8:57 am]
10:07pm 03-25-2008
man, excellent work!...we have shows coming up that would greatly benefit from your talents..
please hit me back so's i can fill you in on the dates...HOLLA!!!!
8:59pm 03-18-2008
Letty damian
Hey fred its me letdog, man the website it awsome, your awasome when are we going to get togther and have Pop's make CARNITAS we all gotta pitch in and get the copper pot!! well fred you know where to find me take care
your mexican older sister
12:46am 02-17-2008
i love fred!
8:05am 11-29-2007
Yo man, cograts of've come a long way since that incident in gen chem...I won't mention what! well as the ether euphorias within the dungeon that was mahin's lab. I can't help tbut hink of operators and schrodeinger and our group in bala's class. Good times!
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